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W. Hagerup has worked as a reporter and freelance writer in Norway, writing several published short stories and scripts for short-films. He has lived in England since 1997, and from 2010 worked as a translator and editor. Hagerup studied English language and Literature at The University of Trondheim, Norway, and was a post-graduate student of 18th Century English literature, critical theory and translation there and at King’s College London. Hagerup has had an inside view of life in a Christian sect from the age of fourteen to twenty-nine. His first book was a process of catharsis, and the author hopes it might help others find honesty in their faith, or non-faith. Two new books are underway, in which the author’s humour and keen sense of observation is seen at full blast. Hagerup has also written some short stories and will be blogging about church buildings in East Anglia.