Back in blogaction

It’s been quiet on the, not exactly Western front, but certainly on my personal blog front. For two reasons: 1, what is the point? and 2, I have been busy actually working on my latest book. Title now: Changemakers. Like it? My critical reader suggested it, and I think it is rather good.

I am now looking very carefully at various agencies, to try and find one that I think will suit the kind of material that I produce, and that will have me.

Finished reading a biography of George Orwell, yes, he with Animal Farm and 1984. Such a great personality, and very hard working. Inspiring that he also struggled to be noticed for his first few novels, but kept on keeping on until he had his breakthrough. Got my daughter (13) to read Animal Farm, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

This morning, as the sun shines on a beautiful Palm Sunday, I decided to give my blog a new look and restart my efforts at communicating with the wider world. Will try to blog more regularly and keep you updated on the process of writing.