West Bergholt Old Church

On Bank Holiday Monday I took a bike ride on my beautiful Pashley through Essexian countryside, to the charming West Bergholt Old Church, or St Mary’s Old Church, to give it its proper name, just outside Colchester. There’s been a church on this site for over a thousand years, and the building clearly tells of different ages and different materials being used. The most striking is that the clock tower is wooden, whilst sitting on top of a more conventional flint stone building. The flint stone structure is itself interspersed with bricks of various kinds. Inside the church you find the beautiful royal arms of King James, with the Latin motto Exurgat Deus Dissipenter Inimici; let God arise, let His enemies be scattered, a reference to Psalm 68:1. The church is no longer in regular use as a place of worship, but remains consecrated and is in use for weddings, as well as other events including Carol services. It is maintained by the Friends of St Mary’s Old Church, under the overall responsibility of the Churches Conservation Trust. Below you can see some of the pictures I took. The main picture above was taken from the gallery.


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